The Strategic Transparency Collective is a decentralized network of new media artists rethinking our relationships with technology, surveillance capitalism, and corporate control. Our aim is to develop frameworks for tech-based creative resistance that do not serve to reaffirm the dominance of Big Tech and its profit-driven imperatives. We advocate a robustly self-reflexive approach to working with technology and data, and encourage artists to align their goals with each other and operate as a community—rather than reinforcing the neoliberal tropes of individual artistic excellence and the myth of the singular genius.
The collective emerged from a series of workshops run as part of Eyebeam's Rapid Response For a Better Digital Future fellowship in the summer of 2020. Those workshops spurred the development of a series of Manifestos for Creative Resistance, which are continually being added to by new collaborators and participants.

Future work will include the development of project ideas and templates, publications, and more infrastructure enabling a self-sustaining community of artists and practitioners.
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Strategic Transparency Collective